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Share House Home Builder Brand Survey


Product & Competition

Are there any Geographic Regions that you're looking to build in, or amenities that your look to build near.
Below is a list of benefits that your homes' are perceived to provide your customer. Please confirm these are benefits of your product by ticking the relevant benefits.
Consider adding how your homes make your current tenants feel? ... Relieved? Confident? Safe?
Who are your main/closest competitors? If they have websites, include their URLs.

Brand Personality

Hypothetically speaking, if your brand were a person, what kind of personality do you see it having? Pull each slider towards the personality trait that best defines your brand.
Brand Colour - Select 2 colours that you feel best represents your brand.
Brand Font - Select 1 font that you feel best represents your brand.

Final Thoughts

If so, can you expand on what you admire about them.
How and why you were founded - how does that connect to the role you play in your customer's life.
If so, can you share what this is.
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