Web Content Survey

Perth Cardiovascular Institute (PCI)

Website Content Survey

Dear Team,
We are gearing up to refresh our website and would like to harness the collective expertise and insights of our amazing staff to create engaging and authentic content.

Your input is invaluable in shaping our website to reflect the true spirit of our organisation. Please take a few moments to complete this survey, and let your creativity shine!

Your assistance in gathering any relevant information is greatly appreciated. You do NOT have to provide complete sets of content, which means that complete sentences and well-organised thoughts are NOT required. Feel free to randomly list your thoughts and ideas in bullet point format, and from that we will develop more thorough and polished content for the website.

Section 1: About Your Role at Perth Cardio

Section 2: Brand and Culture

Section 3: Website Content Ideas

Section 4: Visuals and Multimedia

Do you have any suggestions for images, videos, or other multimedia content that would enhance our website's appeal?

Section 5: User Experience

Section 8: Miscellaneous